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What is a Dating Agency and What Does a Love Agent do?

Much like a talent agent who represents actors to help them get work in the entertainment industry, Connecting the Hearts represents busy professionals who are single by helping them find high quality vetted matches that will lead to long term relationships or marriage.

What makes us unique is we offer pay-per-match options all the way to concierge services.

Matchmaking for Professional Singles ages 40+

The struggle among most singles in this age group is that they are more set in their ways, they have a fear of being alone, they have trauma from past relationships or they are negative about the whole idea of dating. Many men & women alike continue on the hamster wheel of getting involved in relationships that don’t serve them and waste precious time. At Connecting the Hearts, we are here to not only find you a compatible match, but a partner who you can have a thriving relationship with after the infatuation sizzles out.

Matchmaking for Singles

between 21-39

Singles in this age range have a different kind of challenge. In this fast paced digital age, many young people don’t have the confidence and charisma to connect on a deep level with people since these skills have never really been shown to them so they struggle to find healthy relationships. At Connecting the Hearts, we are committed to help this age group build the necessary skills so they are not among the majority of people who end up in toxic relationships or relationships that go nowhere. We prepare them for success and help match them accordingly.

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Enjoy your life

Dating is not only about finding a partner, but also about enjoying your life. We believe that dating should be fun, exciting, and rewarding. That's why we offer various events and activities to help you meet new people, explore new places, and discover new passions. Whether you want to join a hiking group, a cooking class, a wine tasting, or a comedy night, we have something for everyone. You can also enjoy our online community and resources to learn more about dating and yourself.


Your potential

Dating is not only about finding a partner, but also about finding your potential. We believe that dating should be empowering, inspiring, and transformative. That's why we offer various coaching and mentoring services to help you improve your dating skills, confidence, and mindset. Whether you need help with your profile, your messages, your body language, or your self-esteem, we have a coach for you.


Finding balance

Dating is not only about finding a partner, but also about finding balance. We believe that dating should be harmonious, healthy, and sustainable. That's why we offer various tips and tools to help you balance your dating life with your other priorities and responsibilities. Whether you need help with time management, stress management, boundary setting, or self-care, we have a solution for you.


Accept change

Dating is not only about finding a partner, but also about accepting change. We believe that dating should be flexible, adaptable, and resilient. That's why we offer various support and guidance services to help you cope with change in your dating life. Whether you need help with rejection, breakups, ghosting, or commitment issues, we have a counselor for you. You can also join our online forums and groups to share your experiences and feelings with other members.

About us

A good talent Manager has a close relationship with their client, mentors and guides their career path, submits them to casting directors and networks and builds rapport with industry professionals to ensure the best chances of success for their client.

At Connecting the Hearts, we act as Love Connectors who will mentor and guide you every step of the way to finding lasting love by preparing you to date more effectively with people you meet on your own PLUS we will get you in front of our network of partner matchmakers. For those looking for more of a custom taylored appraoch, we can offer you our exclusive concierge services that includes your own dedicated matchmaker who will scout on your behalf.

If you are a committed and open minded single professional who is sick of wasting time looking for love and ready to get off that hamster wheel, I Invite you to interview for representation.

Let us help you get the best PARTner in the movie of your life!

Stephanie Massman, founder of Connecting the Hearts spent over 25 years

in the entertainment industry as a talent manager & agent and is a certified matchmaker who has the expertise and passion to make that fairy tale ending come true for her clients.


Thanks to you and Kevin, I think I met person yesterday. You really opened my heart to receive someone. See how that works? Thanks.

Mary S.

Incredible content!

I must say, before I joined Connecting The Hearts, I was unsure what to expect. Too much anecdotal advice is out there, not to mention endless accounts of dating gone bad from pretty much every single person I know who’s using the apps. This service took a wildly different approach. Embracing authenticity, role playing, honest communication while eschewing the ‘games & rules’ we adhere to when starting out or over in the dating world. Stephanie & Kevin guided me to awareness in what I want vs what I think someone else wants, and showing up accordingly. I appreciate their commitment & shedding light on a fresh way to navigate the dating world!

Sherri H.

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